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Consent forms

How long do we need to keep consent forms after the event?

Great question! Doing a quick search online I found only two references of records retention, with one answer being to follow your local council’s policy on records, and the other answer pertaining to first aid logs at camp needing to be retained for 18 years or longer, as required per local council policy.

“At the close of camp, all first-aid logs and incident reports are made available to the enterprise risk management committee and council health supervisor for review and are stored in a secure site at the local council service center, to be retained for 18 years or longer as required by applicable law.”

Hopefully someone else here (or your local council) has a more specific answer, since consent forms could reasonably be discarded/shredded after the event has ended, assuming there was an attendance log with a checkbox that a signed consent form was received before the event. As an ASM and when I was the SMIC, if the event or activity was something that counted towards a Scout’s advancement, I kept the attendance log until the event was recorded by our advancement person, and being SMIC for only a few of the events each year, I tend to keep the log indefinitely until at some point I notice that all the Scouts on it have aged out.
Not sure if anyone else is as “careful” as I am, but any papers I have with boys’ names or identifying information (e.g. rosters) that become irrelevant are always shredded.

In my old council, the unit leader would receive a packet at the end of a council event that included the medical forms and the consent forms. They only used the consent forms if something happened and they needed them during the event.

If you ar referring to Part A - then I would only keep the current ones. If your speaking about permission slips for some activities, then you might need to keep them longer. I would seek legal counsel for such.

I think this is going to be driven primarily by state and local laws, so I suggest you bring this up with your UC or at Roundtable.

I’m just talking about the regular consent forms for camping. Not A-C medical, those you keep till it’s time for new ones, they expire.

I’d suggest contacting your local council regarding consent forms. Reasonably it seems that after the event has ended without incident, you shouldn’t need to keep those. But it sounds like you are looking for an official policy.
Let us know what they suggested! thanks!

I would think you could keep scanned copies. And if you really want to be safe, then find out what the statute of limitations is. Otherwise you could simply look at them as permission to participate and hold them for a few years past the event.

Good luck getting advice from national on this.

States have different laws and different statutes of limitations. And different insurance companies have different terms and conditions for insurance policies for councils. I would recommend contacting your local council to see what they recommend.


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