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Conservation Good Turn Award

In the Frequently Asked Question section of the Distinguished Conservation Service Award Program (the one replacing Hornaday) it says that units should apply for the Conservation Good Turn Award now that the Hornaday Unit Award is abolished. However, in Scoutbook, the Conservation Good Turn Award says it is being retired on 12/31/2020. Please advise as we have a scout who was in the midst of his Hornaday work and had met the Hornaday Unit Award criteria and needs to apply under new guidelines.

LOL - looks like the BSA Irving SILOs bumped each other again - SUAC will send out feelers on this.

Also SB does NOT list Unit awards - SB is for individual advancements

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The Conservation Good Turn award is one of the awards that is scheduled to be retired / discontinued 12/31/2020. Scouts and BSA units have until 12/31/21 to complete the requirements and earn the award.

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