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Conservation project credit

I have a few scouts that helped build chicken coops for an Eagle Project and was curious how and if this falls into conservation. I looked on the national website about it and it gives a few examples and one of them was worded as “Build and set out bird and squirrel nesting boxes.” and i assume that chicken coops are considered “bird nesting boxes”. What do yall think? Could I count this as conservation service hours?


I think that is up to the Scoutmaster - I would not. Now the Eagle Project from my unit building cages/shelters for wildlife rehabilitation I see that as a yes. But agriculture based? not so sure.

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I could see having a project serve as an agriculture based or conservation based event but one in the same? im not sure. as per the national website it does say that building a bird nesting box does count as a conservation project so would I be safe to assume that building chicken coops is a conservation project?

It depends. Conservation goals are usually things like: protecting species from extinction, maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystem services and protecting biological diversity. If the chicken coops are connected to a similar conservation goal, then I might count it. The bird boxes referred to at the national website are probably for wild birds, and the conservation goals supported could be protecting the birds from extinction or biological diversity. What is the conservation goal being supported by the chicken coops?

Im not sure, I was not at the event and did not see the completed project or the paperwork that was done alongside the Eagle Project so I couldn’t give you an accurate answer on that.

As @DonovanMcNeil pointed out, it’s up the the Scoutmaster.

I would tend to look at what @JenniferOlinger brought up: what is the conservation goal being served by the coops? There may be one, but it’s not immediately obvious to me. Based on what you’ve provided so far, I would not be inclined to count this as conservation-related. I agree with others that the nesting boxes being referenced are related to wildlife, rather than agricultural fowl.

You could let the Scouts who want the credit (towards Life Scout rank?) make the argument as to how they think building chicken coops supports a conservation goal. If it’s a common chicken and the purpose is basically agricultural, then it might be a tough sell…

Aren’t all the service hours counted for a combined total entered for the Eagle project?
You can’t count the hours for something else.

@LoriMaguire, I understood that the question was regarding youth (other than the Eagle candidate) counting the service hours toward their own rank requirements. As far as I understand, that’s both common and accepted practice.


The Eagle project hours are documented by the Scout who organized the project, and count towards the unit totals. The other Scouts who participated can also count these service hours towards their rank and or awards.

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