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Scout Executives can authorize in person YPT training.

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In reference to “Scout Executives can authorize in person YPT training.”

I suspect this may be council dependent. Do you have a citation for this SE authority? I thought the national model for council organization has a council training committee involved, unless modified by the local council bylaws.


  • Check with your council training committee.

My opinion:

For simplification of administration and consistency I prefer online registration and online youth protection training. For other Scout and Scouter training I prefer face-to-face training to allow for personal interaction and a sense of belonging.

My understanding is that “council training policy and training organization” and “controlling distributing of training materials” are two different things.

Primary council issue is that at least one state requires state approved courses to be used, If the BSA YPT course is updated, it cannot be used until re-approved by the government.

May I suggest splitting off this YPT topic off to “YPT face-to-face training requirements”?

I am grateful that, at least in our council, face-to-face YPT is an option.
While true that willingness to complete training does serve as an indicator of whether someone will be willing to put the time into actually fulfilling their role, we want ALL of our parents to have this training. When we have stated that expectation we have had children miss out on camping trips because the primary scout parent couldn’t take them and the other parent hadn’t done the training.
Also, having everyone do the training makes it a lot easier to convince moms to register. If their only role is being a registered female the only required training is YPT. If that’s already done, all we’re asking for them to do that they aren’t already doing is to give permission to run a background check and a few reference phone numbers.

And personally, I’d be expiring this month if I hadn’t been sick and off work. There was one 5 minute chunk of the bullying module that took me over an hour to complete due to spotty internet and inadequate check points. I watched that same chunk of video at least right times before finally getting to the end and being able to click the next forward arrow. Online training makes training so much more accessible for most people, but unfortunately you can’t assume that everyone will have reliable internet access.

For our council, the in-person YPT training takes longer than the online YPT training. It does not result in time savings. :frowning:

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I concur. Unfortunately it is a burden for councils that are required by local and/or state law to use government approved face-to-face training.

You can try different browsers. BSA cannot fix the internet or browser but the contractor developing training modules may be able to fix the training module.

Please send details to myscouting@scouting.org or open a member care help desk (HD) technical problem report at https://jira.scouting.org/

P.S. I am aware that there are locations where there is poor or no internet access.

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