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Cooking and Backpacking and outdoor survival skills (Bushcraft) for Venturing

Campfire Cooking and Backpacking and outdoor survival skills (bush craft) are my passions which I would like to share.

This first video is cooking caveman steak. While in scouts in my youth this was my entry into a Boy Scout cook-off contest put on at Camp Lewellan Missouri.. The OA Anpetu-We Lodge is having their fall reunion on 11-13/September/2020 where many scouts will have their OA ordeal part of which are various service projects to cut brush, camp improvements, and repairs.

Caveman steak by Cowboy Kent Rollins.

The second video is Dutch oven cherry/peach cobbler. This was my favorite meal supplied by the Philmont Scout Ranch staff about half way through our 50 miler. For a chubby 14 year old, the 50 miler was a challenge but today, I probably would NOT be eligible to go because of my weight for my height which is an unnecessary rule. By the end of the 50 miler with good heart and lungs, I had lost enough weight to meet the current restrictions.

For your next camp out with the pack/troop/crew check out, Cowboy Kent Rollins has hundreds of campfire cooking recipes including dutch oven meals and a pinch of history and cowboy lore.

Selecting gear to outfit yourself for overnight Backpacking can be a bit daunting as there are so many choices today. Back in the day the official Boy Scout backpack had an external frame and the sleeping bag was made from cotton and the cook kit was more than needed, all pretty weighty problems.

My go to source for backpacking info and backpacking challenges is Dixie at Homemade Wanderlust.

If you are just starting out, I recommend Dixie’s Full Budget-Friendly Backpacking Gear Review video.

Dixie has completed the AT, PCT, and CDT through hikes and has tons of videos on how she did that and her experience, gear she used, and advice for anyone up for the challenge. Dixie will assuage any fears or concerns and answer many questions, girls may have.

At my age I will never do a through hike, so I live vicariously through her. I still do overnight backpacking and have been gradually updating my gear based on her reviews. I am hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit as she would say.

Having just returned to the Scouting community last year, I have needed to relearn many outdoor and bush craft skills that I had forgotten like use of compass, tying knots, survival/first aid kit, building a fire, and shelters.

CPL. Kelly USMC and his Corporals Corner YouTube channel provides great refresher bush craft lessons.

The Corporal’s video on Knots teaches very useful knots that I never learned And the Corporal’s video on compass use and land navigation is the best training video out there. Check out the Corporal’s survival shelters.

Survival skills and Bush craft is popular around the world.
For girls and boys alike, Survival Lilly’s videos are inspirational. Lilly is from Switzerland.

From Russia Max Egorov of the Advoko MAKES YouTube channel bush craft are more elaborate and offer project ideas for Venture scouts. Check out Max’s pack frame, tick extractor, kayak, log cabin, and metal forging.

Max Egorov earns $220 per month from his Patreon account. Cowboy Kent Rollins, Dixie of Homemade Wanderlust, Cpl. Kelly of Corporals Corner, and Survival Lilly all have Patreon accounts. Scout troops and Venturing crews should consider operating a YouTube channel to fund their backpacking, camping, cooking, bush craft, and other adventures which don’t necessarily have to be outdoor adventures. You may not obtain the subscribers that these have but surely there would be interest in your local community to make the effort worthwhile and rewarding…

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Caveman steak! Or, as I prefer to call it, advanced dry-rub cooking. :smiley:

A little campfire ash and charcoal aids the digestion. :drooling_face:
I named it Tarzan steak.

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