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No, that’s not your responsibility. As the COR, your responsibility is to make sure your chartered organization is supporting the troop, though. Also, the church owes both units a reasonable accommodation – on the one hand, they’re chartering one troop (so they should be actively supporting it as part of their youth development programming – that’s what the charter agreement says) and on the other hand, via benign neglect, they’ve allowed the other organization free access to meeting spaces for years and years.

I’m really surprised that your church has been sanguine about another chartered organization running a troop on their premises… There are liability and legal issues in play there that could put the church at financial risk.

Were I in your position (and to be honest up front, this wouldn’t make me any friends), I’d push the issue with the church and ask the pastor to tell the other unit that it’s time to find a new meeting place, since the church now charters a Troop as part of their youth ministry.

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I’ve heard this before but the IM of the church says there no liability issues. If there really is, can you supply me with something to show him that he is incorrect.

Talking to the pastor at this time is irrelevant since his last day is Nov 1, he’s retiring. I’m in constant contact with the IM (president of the church who is an Eagle Scout as well and has the Wood Badge) His stance on the situation is, it doesn’t concern him.
I feel as though no one wants to be ‘the mean one’ to inform a group they must leave.

  1. Accident on church property. Sure, the other troop has liability insurance, but that doesn’t protect the church if someone decides to sue them over it. Especially if the accident were to happen due to the church’s negligence (say no salt on the pavement, or poor lighting in the parking lot).

  2. Leaders of the other troop may not have the training or background checks required by your church to volutneer with kids. Our archdiocese, for example, requires a different set of youth protection training and background checks than the BSA does. One of my jobs as COR is making sure that all the adult leaders comply with that.


Excellent Point. Thank you so much. That is fantastic information.

I’ve gotten in touch with the ‘original SM’ who started all this mess and he will be attending the next scout meeting. At which time, I plan on sitting with him and getting the history of the two troops.
He plans on officially retiring with his wife in the next few months and I want to make sure I have all the correct information about how all this mess came to be…

All of the replies have been exceptional and helpful… Thank you Everyone for your help and support…

I’ve been thinking about this issue for a few days and it’s a mess. As COR, you speak for the Church about your Unit and not the entire church. You aren’t empowered to make business decisions about the non-Scout related issues. Correct?

Here’s my concern. If this gets escalated too much and the Church gets spooked over liability someone could say all Scouting must end.

I’ve been going through the comments on this thread and I don’t think its been discussed if you have spoken with the COR over the Library unit. Does the Library Troop’s COR even know what’s going on? It doesn’t matter what the SM say, if the COR tells them if they want to continue using the place they have to meet on another I would hope that would suffice.

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Yeah been quiet on this one too… This is one to talk to DE about or Scout Shop manager (LOL) - I think you will get a quick eye roll - with them recalling the history. The SM is only going to present his side of the issue, and it sounds complex. Talk to DE or District Commish to get the History - they might also come up with a better solution


I’ve tried to talk to the COR, he not co-operative with me. :frowning:

Last week I talked to the New DE and he doesn’t understand why there are two meeting at the same place either. He is so new that he doesn’t have any answers, But as I mentioned, I will be meeting with the Original SM who started the Sponsored Group and maybe he can shine some light on this problem.

And YES William, You are correct in your way of thinking, It’s a concern of mine that if I keep pushing the issue, the church may just say, enough, get rid of everyone… and that would not benefit anyone.
My problem with the church is, it is 90 % geriatrics and they don’t want to get involved or make changes, Everyone that I deal with has no interest in getting involved but they all agree that the church needs kids or it will die.
That being said, It’s been a long a tough road for me to try and get kids into the church, Young adults don’t come because all they see is a sea of elderly and no other kids except mine.
Additionally, these members as set in their ways and they don’t want change. But change is constant, and the church will die if we can’t get the scouts actively involved in the church and get more kids coming to the church.
I’m stumped.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that story. Can you make it any tougher?

In speaking about protecting your CO, do they have Certificates of Insurance naming them as insured by your Council? Both Troops should obtain these from Council and submit them annually to any facility where they are meeting, i.e., your church.

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I totally commiserate

Good question… I will definitely ask… and make sure they are submitted for the next rechartering.

Maybe someone has already asked this but why the same day chosen to meet initially? It seems like going with a different day would have solved this.


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Thanks for your input. I will be meeting with the original SM who started this group and ask him who started meeting on Wed first.
I’m really hoping he will be able to shed some light on all this for me and maybe he could come up with an idea to resolve the problem or even better, maybe he could talk to the Troop and get them to move.
It’s my understanding that the Library troops will not welcome girls at all. So maybe it’s a girl thing.

Wait a sec – is one Troop a girl Troop and one a boy Troop?

It’s not a Troop decision about welcoming girls – at this time, Packs can be co-ed, but Troops are single-gendered only.

@KathyJensen - I am with the other Steve (cool name) we need a time out on the field. Troops in ScoutsBSA are NOT co-ed. I have my own thoughts on that but as of now it is not an active reality. So this bit of info leads me to ask for more honest declaration of the facts. Is your troop composed of females ? To be honest I feel a bit burned by this now. I do not like being played or lead down a rabbit hole.

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Every time a new post happens on this thread I have to go back and reread. It now sounds like you have a coed Troop going on. In your original Op this was said:

Then this was said:

So it sounds like you have a coed or all-girl Troop going on. Definitely time to pump the brakes and gets some clarification.

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No, our Troop is all boys, as is with the other Troop.