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COR Registration Fees

If a person is registered for adult leader in multiple units generally the fee is only paid for the “primary” unit. Does the same exist for the COR? I ask because I think my troop and the related pack have been paying for our COR.

The COR’s registration fee only needs to be paid once each year. It can be paid by the troop or the pack, but shouldn’t be paid by both.

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Thank you. I will ensure only one of us is paying when we recharter.

The chartered organization and chartered organization representative (CR) names should be the same for all units sponsored by the organization. Per the Registration Guidebook, page 19:

Chartered organizations that operate more than one unit (e.g., pack, troop, crew, and ship) must register the same individual as the chartered organization representative (CR) for all units chartered to that organization, because the CR serves as a voting member of the district committee and the council. The executive officer (IH) must also be the same person for all units chartered to that organization.

For more about CRs see:

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