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Correcting errors in Scoutbook

There doesn’t seem to be a way to correct or enter approval dates for merit badges in scoutbook. This creates a problem if someone failed to enter the scouts history on the appropriate date. Then, when we go back to enter the advancement date… star, life, Eagle… the program notes that the scout isn’t ready for the advancement because the merit badges weren’t earned prior to the advancement date. The problem lies in the approval date and award date defaulting to the current date. What is the work-around for this? It seems like the program should allow editing the dates.

https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scouts-bsa-advancement-using-scoutbook-video/ take a look at this

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That approach still records today’s date for

Marked Completed

Leader Approved

Marked Awarded

See below:


This was actually awarded in 2018, but the data was entered in 2019. When I went to correct the dates, it only put in today’s date. This should demonstrate the problem I’m trying to address.

Is there any way of recording the correct dates in Scoutbook or should I simply put a note in the note section of the mistake. Unfortunately, those notes don’t show up on the specific scout history for when he is ready for his Eagle board of review.

What is the work around. The video assumes that everything was done correctly at the correct time. That isn’t a real world situation, not even in scouting!


you are looking at wrong date - the official date for this is June 30, 2018 - Big blue on right

Under Completed is the Audit info on when changes were made

Ill try it out. Earlier, I got an error message.



Using your picture, the swimming merit badge completion date is circled in red (Jun 30, 2018). For merit badges, this is the same date as noted on the back of the blue card where it says: “Completed on” and “Date Completed”. This is the date that has to be on or before the date of rank for Star, Life, and Eagle.

Swimming MB requirements

The other dates that you see are for your unit’s use to see when a user marked the merit badge as Completed, Leader Approved, and Awarded.

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