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Correcting Incorrect Training Record

What is the email address that I should use for training record inquiries and/or corrections? I need to address an inconsistency for one of my pack leaders.

Have you tried talking to your council? Depending on the inconsistency, they should be able to help.

Your commissioner is probably the easiest place to start…

Okay, I will look into our Council contacts…

@DavidMarquardt, have 1 of your Key3 attempted to correct the dates in Training Manager (part of My.Scouting)? The unit Key3 & Key3 delegates have the ability to update training records for any of their leaders’ face-to-face class.

Unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, and Unit Training Chairs can add training for adults leaders in our unit, but we cannot change training dates or remove incorrect training.

If I remember correctly, the unit commissioner cannot correct the training records.

The unit and district training committee can now do somethings using the my.Scouting Training Manager tool.

Most errors can be corrected by the council. A few might need national Member Care center assistance to fix.

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