Cost of Event

I would like to request that a field for event cost be added when creating an event. I am really surprised this is not already implemented. There needs to be a field for event cost and when someone gives a Yes to the RSVP, a payment log should be generated and sent to that participant.

Sounds nice and I’d use it. It can get complicated. Some events have late fees and some charge a different amount for Adults and Scouts.

I wouldn’t expect implementation of an idea like that soon, as it touches on a lot of different systems (calendar, payment log, messaging). The long-game as I understand it from SUAC posts is to move everything that’s currently interfaced through Scoutbook to the IA2 user interface, and discontinue the Scoutbook interface (or at least the current implementation of it), largely due to various difficulties in supporting and growing the current implementation. There was a comment some time ago from SUAC not to expect major calendar enhancements prior to the calendar moving over to IA2. Not sure if that’s still the BSA’s intent or not.

I know the idea has been discussed before, potentially even before the forums moved to the discourse groups. As Matt wrote, there are a lot of complicating scenarios, including how to handle units that have an event with cost, but don’t use the Scoutbook payment logs. Having a system auto-send reminder emails for a payment tracking system that the unit doesn’t use creates more work for units to zero those out. Simply setting the cost to zero would create confusion if there actually is a cost… I recall that it was a pretty comprehensive discussion at the time. A lot of us had feedback on challenges/use cases for implementation.

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@KristiBorowy - seems like a nice idea, but even better present a code snippet where you prove it works in claasic asp, and as a modern api call.

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