Council Directory - remove (or hide) defunct districts?

Now that the Council Directory page has been shown some love, councils can get it in shape. Ours has now set the email to a current one and after tonight, delete a defunct scout shop.

We do have 3 districts showing that are defunct. Our registrar says she has inquired in the past and was told they are necessary for historical records. I said maybe it is a database integrity thing.

Anyway, my request is for council admins to be given the option to hide defunct districts assuming what our registrar was told is true.

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Is it true that a council can’t remove defunct districts? How does a merged council work? Do they just accumulate districts?

@edavignon was taking to the developers about this the other day. I’m not sure if understood exactly what the final answer was as there was a lot of back and forth. It gets particularly confusing when multiple systems need to talk to each other.

Ok. If it can’t be done yet, it should get into a backlog.

I guess if multiple systems are impacted, then it would have to be a support ticket from the council since all systems would need updating.

An example, for us, these are no longer used as “districts”.

Yeah, I know Ed said he has a similar issue in his council. So, he’s been able to provide real life examples pretty easily. I found my council also has a bunch of extras.

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