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Council Support Fee

My council charges an additional $30 per member plus $12 for insurance. We were also required to have a FOS presentation at our Blue and Gold. I don’t like the extras fees, because just to keep the pack going I spend a lot out of my pocket for supplies for the dens to do their activities. But we have a good program, with great volunteers at the Unit and District level, so I just bite the bullet and try to set up a monthly payment for parents to help get the recharter money together a bit at a time instead of hitting them at Christmas with a big recharter fee.

Our council instituted an extra $5/person fee this past recharter year. Next year it will be $10/person UNLESS all of your unit’s leaders have position trained. Then it stays $5/person. It was explained to us that insurance costs are rising, and since that is a council-incurred cost, not national, they needed to assess an extra fee to help cover those costs.

I think it is great for a Council to let units know what portion is being raised by sales and ask them to do their part. I also would have no issue with asking units not raising through the council fundraisers to chip in particularly if they want a unit fund raiser.

I can’t believe this is even allowed by BSA. Our Council has an Insurance Fee that was recently allowed by BSA and that is ok.

For the last 3 years our District has been part of a “pilot project” where we pay $144 per year per Scout, and for that we get to skip the annual FOS presentation.

Through some weird logic they decided to pilot this program on the 2 poorest districts in the council, (the 2 urban districts), figuring if they could make it work with us they could make it work for the suburban districts. After 3 years they still haven’t rolled it out the other districts yet and a few of our troops are now balking at paying the $144. I told our DE that we weren’t going to pay that in the fall, and that we were going to go back to the $36 per Scout and we’d do our own FOS presentation. Needless to say he wasn’t thrilled with that.

The logic is pretty simple, but cynical… if the units in the poorest districts can manage it, there’s no excuse for any other units not to do it. If the pilot units fail, it’s because they’re poor, and the other units with more resources can surely do it…


I just had a conversation with my district exec about this. He said quickly and emphatically that no council is charging a “council support fee” of any amount. I asked first to make sure that it wasn’t just our council that was not charging a fee and he said firmly and directly that no council in BSA charges a council support fee of any kind. Annual dues are presently $33 and units may also charge additional dues as they see fit.

So the TRIPLE DOG DARE is for anyone saying your council charges a “council support fee” to post proof of that.

Paul - a neighboring council to mine calls it a Council Service Fee:
This Fee will replace the annual Family FOS campaign at the unit level. The fee is capped at a maximum of two (2) youth per household. The Board also decided that they will not consider any increase in this fee for five (5) years. In addition, an assistance program has been established and any family unable to pay the Service Fee may apply for consideration.

Which council? How much?

It would be Monmouth Council and $52 per youth.

Thanks for the info. Here’s the council web page:

It does indeed look like they are adding an additional $52/scout fee per year straight to the council. I’ve forwarded that to my District Exec for comment.

That is a very bad idea on their part.

I would hit the loophole of getting to First Class and then joining a Sea Scout Ship or a Venturing Crew to avoid that fee (which their rules allow for). Glad I don’t live in that area.

Since national dues were $24/year and now have gone up to $33/year, this is an effective jump of $24 to $85, or a $61 increase (3.5x increase). Let me know how that works out.

Let me add to this that our area is not affected by the loss of LDS much if at all. Our Council is also not paying any portion of the BSA membership fee that most do. Instead of the $33 it is now $57. So scouts/parents will pay for the IT support, insurance and whatever the other $24 went to that the council used to throw in. The $125 “support fee” is in addition. And the FOS has not been done away with or taken a loss in about 10 years.

The only service our Council performs for our Troop specifically is to put a body in the chair at the scout shop so we can buy merit badges earned. Other than that we have no interaction with them.

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I am on my district committee. I forwarded that same notice to my district Key 3, with the note that “we should never let this happen in our council.” The DE’s response was not very encouraging.


So your unit never registers new Scouts or leaders, never goes to council camps, never attends roundtable, doesn’t sends any leaders to in-person training, and never has any Eagle Scouts? All of these unit support functions come from your council.

It is council staff that runs the background checks on all adult leaders. A member of council staff processes all Eagle Scout applications. Council staff manages and maintains council camps. Council staff does a lot for units, even if you don’t directly interact with council personnel.


We camp out of council, roundtable is a waste of time here, my training was done with another council because ours didn’t offer it until 6 months later than I needed, Eagle applications and BORs are handled by volunteers (not the council), council staff merely digitally copies and sends apps to national. Do not believe Mr. Avignon that all councils are alike. I can assure you there are very poorly run ones out there…

Ok…I will add my input on our council/district. I attend roundtable once a year at rechartering and as each year passes the process has become the most deplorable thing I have been associated with. Folks I have a life and a job thank you very much. If you can not give me a flipping folder in less than 1 hour then forget it. Now that I am on a roll…lets see…do I want to spend 2 hours listening to a few well self loved scouters drone on and on about themselves…let’s think back to I have a life and a job.

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Just a comment for me: my council is awesome and my district rocks. I wouldn’t miss roundtable for anything and attend monthly.

I don’t doubt that roundtable in other places could use significant improvement. I hope it gets there. But our roundtable is great, our council is great, and we don’t have a “council fee”

Paul - that is fantastic, but unfortunately it is not the case for my district. The Council and its staff are fantastic, but district wise I would rather spend time in a POW camp in some foreign country. Mind you I do send my annual FOS dollars for hours contribution but I really do not have the time nor energy to listen to self promotion.

Suffolk County Council in NY now charges a $27 fee per scout, not leader. They scrapped friends of scouting this year.