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Council VR MB events using Scoutbook

How does one at the Council level doing a VMB (Virtual Merit Badges) utilize Scoutbook please to connect Counselors and Scouts together as an EVENT rather than as a UNIT?

I need the connectivity between counselors and Scouts for blue card recording.

Some Counselors are not technology savvy so they will share their trackers with me, and I will record the info the Scouts’ blue card so both the Scout and the unit has the information in this time of virtual merit badges event being done at the council level.

PS… I do NOT want to do it through a unit as it will overload the unit, the roster and confuse folks within a unit.

We are working on an update to kind of help this. Soon MBC’s will be able to connect to a Scout by Last name and BSA # so they can establish MBC connections to scouts. This will not be extended to Council employees to do third party as you are suggesting at this time, the MBC or the unit will need to do it.

Another option might be to have parents connect their Scouts to the MBCs.

The process is pretty easy. After the Scout has the initial discussion with the Scoutmaster, a leader in the unit or a parent can:

  1. Go to the Scout’s main page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on [Scout]'s Advancement.
  3. Check the merit badge list to see if the Scout has already started the merit badge in Scoutbook. If not, click on “Start Another Merit Badge”.
  4. Next click on the name of the merit badge and click on “Invite Counselor” (red bar).
    If the Scout is not already connected to the MBC, click on the “+ Add” button and “Search For Existing User”.
  5. Check the boxes next to “Merit Badge Counselor” (relationship) and “View Profile” (permissions).

So basically the solution is:

  1. Scouts connect me as the counselor (instead of the counselor directly because their Counselor does not have Scoutbook).
  2. The Counselor sends me the tracker.
  3. I record the counselor tracker info for the counselor.

Will Scoutbook restrict me for merit badges? (I am a Merit Badge counselor for a few selected MBs instead of all 138 MBs.)

You missed my point in some of the counselors are NOT technology savvy so they will not bother to have a Scoutbook account even if I put the info out there for our event.

All Counselors have Scoutbook accounts. They use the same login that they use to take YPT on my.scouting.org.

The SUAC will be producing some videos this week to show MBCs how to work with Scouts via Scoutbook.


Yes. If your council has uploaded the MB counselor list, only the ones you are approved for will you be permitted to mark as Counselor Approved, and only if you’re connected as the counselor.


Thank you everyone for your help. Looks like I need to look into another avenue as Scoutbook it limited for a Council event and from my position as the event chair.

Hi Ursula,

As the volunteer council STEM chair for my council, I too wish there was a way that I could do group approvals and entries for the NOVA and SUPERNOVA programs through Scoutbook. I do also think that I like all the secondary safeties built into the system now. I tell our volunteers that the extra steps are YPT safeguards. Which I think they are. Only admins and parents can make connections.

It didn’t solve your problem, but maybe reframed it.

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Can a Scout use a MB Counselor from another Council in Scoutbook ?

Yes, MBCs are not restricted by council. The only issue is if the MBC has not set visibility to worldwide, the MBC will only appear in searches in their council. If you know the name of the MBC a leader can connect the MBC to the Scout.

FYI… To Update:
I found out that our online registration system (black Pug) has tools that can be utilized to pull info from Black Pug (export) and shared with either Scoutbook or Troopmaster (import).

For those doing events, council adds this feature like they do for their summer camps. Event Chairs can see it once a registration goes through. The page will help a bit where it says: Print Blue Cards Information: https://lecbsa.org/247scouting-tips
If you note the boxes behind the drop down menu, we have one that says Troopmaster export and Scoutbook export. This can only be done by the Event Chair so troop leadership will need to email the event chair to coordinate the export/import of blue card information.

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