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Covered Wagon District Merit Badge Counselors & Local Resources

This forum is for Covered Wagon District Merit Badge Counselors to connect with each other and Scout leaders. Please take advantage of this space to share merit badge specific, local resources ideas and experiences.

You posted to the national forum instead of a council forum.

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Great. So how do I post to a council or district forum?

Ask your council. BSA national does not have the money to provide forums services for all districts. Legally councils and their districts are separate from BSA national.

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So are troops, but troops are given a forum. I would guess it is a time resource vs. a dollar or structure thing.

Scoutbook is a unit tool, I do not expect Scoutbook to provide forum services for councils and districts.

For internal volunteer communications my Council has been using Zoom for live communication and recently started experimenting with the Slack tool which has channels (forums).

I appreciate your help. Would you be so kind as to direct me to the policy that explains how we are not allowed to use this tool to connect leaders with merit badge counselors for their scouts an merit badge counselors with eachother to share resources?

@WilliamOrr - I suppose you could use this thread for that purpose. Although your reach may be broader than intended. The other thing is that topics will close within a certain amount of time of inactivity is noted.

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