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COVID-19 & Advancement

Due to Coronavirus, BSA has extended the Cub Scouts advancement deadline to 7/31/20, rather than 5/31/20. In one of my dens we have 9 Scouts. Four of them have already completed their Bear rank requirements and will be ready to advance and start working on Webelos requirements at the end of the school year upon completion of 3rd grade. Another couple are darn close. But we have a few that aren’t that close, and one that’s only at 43% completion. As committee chair I have emailed time and time again encouraging parents to do things at home with their Scouts for advancement. Some just aren’t doing anything. So I have to give them until 7/31 to complete. But in Scoutbook I can’t advance just a handful of Scouts in a den, I have to advance the whole den. Do the Scouts that are moving to Webelos right away just have to track on paper until that final Scout finishes (or not, as he never finished his Wolf last year)?

(And the Bear den is just an example, every one of my dens is in this situation.)

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I think that you could create a “new” den in Scoutbook at the next year’s level, then transfer the scouts who have completed the “current” rank into that den. You would need to make their den leader the Den Admin and Den Leader assigned to that den, as well.

I think you need to make sure that the current year rank requirements are all approved and rank/awards are saved to a PDF version of the purchase order and advancement report, but it’s been long enough since I was in a pack that I’m not as sure about that.

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You can advance the den and the other Scouts can continue working on Bear. Scoutbook allows you to record previous advancement.

The other option is to create a new den and move the Scouts as Charley suggests.


Thank you for the suggestion!!

Thanks Ed! I appreciate your help!

My unit has a den in a similar situation. The den leader and many of the parents in the den are having serious employment issues and are becoming unresponsive. I want all of our scouts to earn their ranks, but in many ways, it depends on parents having the time & energy to dedicate to it. Not sure what to try next.

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