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COVID Extensions for Eagle Scout Rank - anything policy statements coming out?

I’m wondering if national has sent any guidance out about extension of Eagle Scout applicability due to the COVID-19 crisis? Are there any analogies to other types of disasters (Hurricanes, Earth Quakes, etc.)

It seems that “social distancing” is one of the few tools currently available to help Contain COVID, and in our area countiess are on lockdown, school is on hold, and of course Scout activities are being curtailed.

My Son will have to push his Eagle project scheduled for the end of the month out until it is not irresponsible for large groups to congregate. He’s still almost a year away from “aging out”, but I know other scouts are much closer; I’m hoping there is some blanket policy put in place, and this doesn’t become a “case by case” process, to layered on top of all the other paperwork.


Nothing has been announced but I have heard to expect something from the advancement team later this week.

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I have a Scout who has completed his Eagle project, workbook, and application. I planned on turning it in on Monday. Our council (Laurel Highlands) has closed down untill the end of the month. He turns 18 the middle of April. I hope they extend the age limit if the council’s stay closed.

All Scout have 90 days after turning 18 to get paperwork in - everything just has to be dated before birthday except EBOR. We have heard something should come out from Advancement Team this week - we will see.

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Hey Michael, Could he change it. Perhaps getting donations for food bank, helping with school lunch hand outs, meals on wheels deliveries, blood bank donations of blood? All of these things are in the need at the time. My son was looking into meals on wheel for his Citizenship in the community MB. Just a thought. I hope it all goes well.


There is lots of information at: https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/covid-19-faq/.

I’m hopeful that some level of Normalcy will arrive before next February for our particular case, but I’m more concerned with Scouts who turn in the July/August time frame.

There is a great deal of paperwork and approvals that are required for a project, and it’s disheartening that an approved plan can be rendered worthless due to an act of god.

I trust that people will work to expedite matters for these boys, but there is only so much you can do while maintaining social distance

Thanks John- this reference is very helpful

Does the statement from national address the question-
Can Scouts at the moment fulfill Communication and Citizenship in the world requirements for attending a public meeting that is broadcast online?

Advancement — Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts

Q: May merit badge requirements or rank requirements be modified?

No. All requirements must be completed as written. If meetings or activities are canceled or limited, youth should continue to work on requirements as far as possible. By employing common sense and creative solutions, many requirements–even Scoutmaster conferences–can be fulfilled through videoconferencing or telephone calls.

Permit Scouts to earn Communication and Citizenship in the world requirements for attending a public meeting-that is broadcast online?

The requirement does not say “how” the Scout attends the meeting so it would be up to the Merit Badge Counselor to decide if the specific broadcast meeting meets the requirements.

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