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CPR-AED Training

Where can I record my CPR-AED training? In the past I could record it in Scoutbook but where has it moved now?

If you want to add it in Scoutbook, go to your Unit Roster page, click on your name, then click on Edit My Training.

If you want to add it at, then you need someone else to add it for you (you cannot add your own training). People who can add it for you using the Training Manager are: unit Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.), a Key 3 Delegate (Key 3 can designate up to three Key 3 Delegates using the Organization Security Manager) or the Unit Training Chair (as designated by the Organization Security Manager).

District Training Chair and members of the District Training Committee whose roles have been defined at my.scouting Tools site can also add training for adult volunteers.

Here are some health and safety CURRENT TRAINING CODES (numerical)–5.3.2017 and titles:


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