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CPR training

We are having a horrible time finding anyone willing to teach CPR training for advancement. We found one place that will do it for about $150/scout.

What is everyone else doing for this requirement?

Check with your Council training committee. We frequently have CPR taught at University of Scouting. Your training committee may have contacts that are willing to teach Scouts for less than $150.

I believe that the ARC/BSA MOU (Did I get enough TLAs in there?) has some sort of stipulated price per person for CPR/AED/First Aid training. Our local trainer doesn’t get paid, and we use council’s training dummies, and we still pay a fee. However, we don’t pay the usual ARC full price per person. IIRC, ARC has a minimum fee that they charge to issue the training certificate, whether it’s hardcopy of the new-fangled PDF/app version.

There may also be a difference between someone willing to teach the skill and someone willing to issue a certificate that the skill was taught. Registered instructors may also be restricted in what they’re allowed to do, since it might impact on the certifying agency’s insurance coverage.

As both edavignon & charleyhamilton have stated, check with your training committee, although I would check with my district training chair first. They are more likely to know of local instructors.
Depending on what advancement requirements you are talking about, you may not need the expense of certification card. If you have leaders or older (14+) scouts who are interested in Wilderness First Aid certification, CPR certification is a prerequisite for that course.
As far as cost, if you can find someone who is associated with your district or council to teach, you can usually take advantage of a discounted rate that the council negotiates with Red Cross. In my council, I train staff for Cub Scout Day Camp, and if I remember correctly we paid $14 per person for the cards; I did not charge for my instructor time.
I am a Red Cross instructor, and in addition to providing training for the council, part of my job with the school district is to provide First Aid/CPR training to school staff (all staff in our after school programs are required to maintain certification).
I would also look at who any instructor referred to you is certified through. Our school district only recognizes American Red Cross or American Heart Association certifications. There are a lot of folks out there who will come in for several hundred dollars and give you a card, but that does not always mean your scouts have the necessary skills at the end of the day. I had a staff member with one of those third party cards ask to do a challenge rather than a full class to get a Red Cross card that the district would accept. Not only could she not demo the skills correctly, but she could not answer any of the basic questions on the ARC written test.
In addition to ARC & AHA, a number of councils have ECSI instructors (particularly for Wilderness First Aid)

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