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Create a new patrol or distribution group in SB?

Hello - I’m looking to see how I can create a new PLC group in SB. We are a linked Troop and I want to create events for our integrated PLC, to include the elected youth leaders from the boys’ unit and the girls’ unit. I’m an admin on both sides so I can create shared events, and have figured out how to invite the appropriate individuals from both units. Ultimately what I would like to do is create a PLC “group” to invite, so I don’t have to hunt and select these individuals one by one for these shared events. Perhaps someone is doing this already with scheduled Committee meetings? All are invited to both of these meeting series, however finding all the appropriate people individually for every event is getting tiresome. Thanks in advance for your insights! Karen

Scoutbook does not support groups in the calendar or messages. Your units are separate troops so Scoutbook will treat them as such.

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