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Create dummy adult account for SPL

I have seen posts about this, but cannot reply to any so I am creating a new post. I have read of others creating a dummy adult account called Troop Webmaster set up as a Committee Secretary. Permissions include view advancement and view profile. The log in information is then given to the SPL and/or Scribe to use to edit the calendar, view other scouts’ advancement for planning purposes, and emailing with upcoming events included.
Problem is the SSO log in. Must I put my BSA number in to be able to change the log in credentials? Is that going to mess with my regular Scoutmaster log in?? The log in for the dummy account is currently an extra personal email address of mine. I’d like to be able to give log in credentials without my own email being a part of it.
Any suggestions???

Why not create an entirely new email address (that you monitor) for this purpose?

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