Create Event: Time flyout not appearing when selecting Start or End

Hello. I just installed Feature Assistant and am excited to have it help with repeated events. I’m in chrome, have installed the extension, and it looks green and healthy in the toolbar.

When creating the event, this is my process -

  • Select the Troop calendar
  • Select Troop Meeting event type
  • Give it a Name “Troop Meeting”
  • skip location fields.

WITHOUT Feature Assistant-
Click in the Start field. I see this flyout UI to select the date and time.

When I install Feature Assistant, the field becomes just a text field that I can type in.
Screenshot 2020-08-17 120225

It’s my first day with Feature Assistant, so maybe I am doing something wrong. I don’t see any UI for blocking popups, etc.


I confirmed the issue and am currently testing a fix. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


This was fixed and released in V0.45.0.21. It will auto-update.

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I have Version Last Updated August 27, 2020, and still face the issue of the Date / Time picker not popping up…

(Although to be completely honest as with many other UI elements in Scoutbook, I find the Date/Time Picker UI cumbersome, and in fact prefer to type the date and time… so I would prefer to not have this fixed!)

@JoseOrdinas-Lewis Are you using Firefox or Chrome, desk or mobile?

@GaryFeutz Firefox (79.0) on Desktop MacOS (10.14.6)

Interestingly, I just went back to try to reproduce the issue, and am unable to. :confused:

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