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Created an Event using the computer, does not display on Mobile

I added an event to the calendar using the computer. However the event does not display when I open the mobile app. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Now it is working. I clicked on my son and it showed the event. Then I clicked back on my calendar and the event is there. However it shows up twice on my calendar and only once on his calendar.

on your account you see it twice cause you see your calendar and your scouts calendar

How do you delete an Event?

@WilliamBallinger - back at the computer, you would click on the event, then click on edit and at the bottom should be the delete button.

Awesome. Found it. Thanks. I was trying to do it from the mobile app. As you can tell I am new to Scoutbook. I am figuring out the computer has more options than the mobile app. It will be my go to spot for troubleshooting!

The Scouting App is limited just for Scouts and Parents. The Web interface for Scoutbook.com has many more features

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