Credit on last years registration, not used when registering in another unit

Parent signed up late in 2022 as a member of committee in a Pack. That pack did not recharter due to loss of adult leadership. When she signed up in a new pack recently, with her existing user name and password, the system did not recognize she had a registration credit. (the system automatically charged her 2022 prorated rates as well as 2023 registration fees under the original registration. She paid again when she registered in the new pack. It did not even give her the option of putting in the future payment that was collected.

How does she get this money refunded? Council said it had to be done by National.

Registrtion ID 200652385
Applicant Member ID 13780403
Applied to Organization Las Vegas Area Council 328, Metro West 06, Pack 0404,
LVAC Metro West - 0404
Submitted Date 10/31/2022 00:00:00
Current Status Completed
Current Status Date 11/03/2022 21:26:31
BSA Adult Registration (Trad.) $11.25
BSA Adult Registration (Trad.)_Future Year $45.00
Administrative Fee $1.69

The council needs to submit a help ticket to National and request the refund.


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