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Crew Advisor shows on Scoutbook, but not My.Scouting.org

Our Crew Advisor shows as our Avdisor on ScoutBook, but not in My.Scouting.org. I thought these platforms were linked?

Also, her e-mail address is incorrect in ScoutBook, but correct in My.Scouting. I cannot figure out how to update her ScoutBook address. I am Committee CHair, so should be able to do that, I thought.

The address she has listed, em@sanjuanscouts.org, is a non-existent address, so she cannot update by using that address.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi, @JeffreyBozanic,

  1. When you say

[quote=“JeffreyBozanic, post:1, topic:167667”]
Our Crew Advisor shows as our Avdisor on ScoutBook, but not in My.Scouting.org.
[/quote] [ Emphasis added ]
Do you mean that the position title is misspelled in Scoutbook, or that the Adviser is not listed on the roster at my.scouting but is listed at Scoutbook? The my.scouting roster will push to Scoutbook, but not the other way around. It’s an asymmetric linkage. If your crew adviser is not showing up at my.scouting, it suggests that their BSA registration has not been renewed.

  1. To change email addresses in Scoutbook, only the user themselves or scoutbook.support@scouting.org can make the changes. If the email address is incorrect, or one to which the user no longer has access, and the user does not know their Scoutbook password, you or they will need to email scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the correct email address, their BSA ID, unit number and ideally their Scoutbook AdultUserID and UnitID so that scoutbook support. The latter two can be found as follows:

For leaders when browsed from My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Leader’s Name:

I am sorry, the typo is mine.

I meant to say the she is not showing as our Advisor on My.Scouting, but is in Scoutbook.

In looking at my My.Scouting profile, I no longer show as Committee Chairman either. So perhaps the problem lies at our council level, as we have both registered for the year. I will copy our council registration person by opy of this email to follow up on the question.

I am also copying Elizabeth Morgan, our Advisor, so she can follow up with ScoutBook Support.

Thank you, and Happy Easter!

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