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Crews, merit badges, and Eagle

Hi all - apologies if this has been answered before, but I can’t seem to find something official.

If I have a Life Scout who joins a Crew, they can still complete their MBs and earn their Eagle through their Troop, correct? I can’t see a reason why not.

However, what if I have a Life Scout who joins a crew and drops off from their Troop. Can they continue to complete open merit badges while being part of only a crew and still do their Eagle project and get Eagle rank, or do they have to be registered with a Troop?

I presume if this is OK the MBC signs off the blue cards like normal and then the Crew Advisor does the equivalent of scout master approval?

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This is covered in the Guide to Advancement. A Scout who earns First Class while registered with a Troop can earn Scouts BSA Ranks and Merit Badges while only registered with a Crew or Ship.


Please see the BSA Guide to Advancement section Scouts BSA Advancement in Venturing that @edavignon is referring to.

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Thanks @edavignon & @JenniferOlinger - much appreciated!

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