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CS Supernova (Alvarez) disappeared from Scoutbook

I have some scouts who completed the Alvarez supernova award. It’s been approved by all the powers that be and shows up in the needs awarding section. But it also still shows up in the needs approval section of scoutbook. It shows on each scouts’ profile page as earned. Also, supernova is missing from the awards section, and on my scouts’ scout history report it shows that they have all earned it twice. Anyone know what’s up?

Can you post a screen shot of what you see on the Cub Scout History Report?

4/5 was the date all requirements were completed. It got final approval last week, presumably 5/18.

What I think probably happened is that it was being tracking in Scoutbook using the correct (2018) version, but when your council approved it, it synced over from ScoutNET as the old pre-2015 version for some reason.

When one version is earned, the other version is supposed to be hidden. But in this case, both versions were marked as earned, so they both caused the other version to be hidden.

If you could please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


Please include as much identifying information as you can (Scout names, BSA ID numbers, pack number, council name, the correct date that should be used, etc.)

That looks like the problem. I went to Internet Advancement and saw that the 2015 version is the one that was approved. I sent an email to support. Thanks for your help with this!

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If you could post the Scoutbook Support Desk (SSD) number here in this thread, we will try to follow up on it.

Thanks. Here you go: SSD-103453

I am having same issue - after Advancement report is created in SB with correct Alvarez Supernova, submitted, and closed; the next Advancement report still shows the Alvarez Supernova as “needs purchasing”. (This may be the synced non-2018 version, but it’s not listed as such.)


The Alvarez Supernova (earned) disappears from the Awards list, showing only that the Webelos Supernova is in-progress (true). Other Awards show “awarded” icon after completion/approval/awarding and remain in the Awards list.

Scoutbook Error - Alvarez Supernova disappeared from Awards list after earning

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