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Cub Master Key award requirement

I have a question about the CubMaster Key award. Under performance there is a requirement for supplemental training: “Participate in at least one additional supplemental or advanced training event at the council, area, region, or national level.” Is Baloo an advanced training? I didn’t think it was since it is usually hosted by districts and not the Council. Thoughts?

From a “supplemental” training, I would count BALOO. It supplements the program and isn’t required to to be “trained”.

I wouldn’t count it as advanced. To me advanced would be Woodbadge, PLC, National Camp School, Seabadge, etc.

There are four levels of the BSA’s training continuum for adult leaders:

  • Joining - Youth Protection Training (YPT)
  • Basic - position-specific training
  • Supplemental - a variety of courses offered on a district, council, area, regional, or national basis. Includes BALOO, National Camp School, Safe Swim Defense, etc.
  • Advanced - courses like Wood Badge, Leadership Challenge, Kodiak Challenge, Powder Horn, and Seabadge.

BSA Guide to Leader Training (pages 20-25).


Anything that’s not a position requirement would count under the word “supplemental”

The certified angler fishing presentation, rocketry program or such at roundtable counts. If they go, step in for 5 minutes and leave I wouldn’t count it.

It starts on page 21 of the linked guide

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