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Cub Master Key question

Both our CM and ACM are well trained and present a strong leadership duo. They are interchangeable in every aspect. We have awarded our CM with the CM key, how can we also award our ACM? Doesn’t seem the scouting way to not recognize our ACM accordingly. Any thoughts?

The various unit leader keys are specifically limited to the registered unit leader. This has generated some heartburn for other units that I know of as well, who like yours wanted to recognize high-performing assistant unit leaders

Has the ACM completed the requirements for one of the leader training awards? Although it’s not really recognizing the same thing, the presentation of the training award might give the unit the opportunity to recognize the scouter’s contribution to the unit.

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I’ve never been CM or ACM and I have it.

It’s quite a bit more flexible than you think, it depends on who’s approving it and how you can show leadership at that level.

Maybe I misunderstood what you meant, @KevinCarlyle, but the Cubmaster Key requirements are pretty clear:

The language in the other unit leader keys is similarly explicit.

Honestly I would talk to your district executive and your district advancement chair. If you could convince them that they are more co cubmasters than head and assistant, they may be willing to award him the key. Either that or make the one that already earned it register as an assistant to give the other guy a chance to get his tenure in.

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There is no such thing as co-Cubmasters, so that wouldn’t work. If they swapped and the ACM then had the necessary tenure in the role, then that would be fine.

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I forgot the Cubmaster key has a “condition” that really makes this a great idea for the people involved. “Within a five-year period, complete at least three years of registered tenure as a Cubmaster or one year as a registered assistant Cubmaster plus two years as a registered Cubmaster.” So, the ACM would only need one year as CM. They could switch right now and this time next year, the ACM (now CM) would be eligible. That assumes they achieve the right JTE level, are trained, and go to roundtable or a university of scouting or cub pow wow.

The ACM would not be eligible in one year if they switched. It’d be two years. They need at least two years in the actual CM position.


Sorry, snoozing at the keyboard. Good catch.

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@Matt.Johnson - oh man Matt… I have done that more times than I care to indicate :slight_smile:

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