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Cub master

Have a cub master that has not communicated well with rest of the pack. Other leaders have had ideas for camp outs and they have been ignored by the cub master. How can we fix this problem from getting worse??

Assuming that you have tried to have a constructive dialog with the cubmaster on this issue then you need to talk to your charter organization rep about the situation. If the unit is unhappy with the cubmaster that is really their only course of action besides switching units.

Would also be worthwhile to get your unit commissioner involved as well.

Well really the Committee should be setting Campouts for the pack not the CM. CM is there as the loud individual for energy.


How do you find out who is the unit commissioner is?

CM is apart of the committee in our pack everything goes through him

It would be helpful to know your volunteer position within the pack.

Your district executive, district commissioner, or district committee chair should be able to get you that information.

I suspect the pack adult volunteers need to complete basic leader training.

@RustyBonnel - Here are some references and training related to this discussion:

Top volunteer in the pack

Extracts from How Cub Scouting is Organized | Boy Scouts of America


The leader of the pack meeting is the Cubmaster. In addition to serving as the master of ceremonies the Cubmaster provides support to Den Leaders.

Pack Committee Chair

The top volunteer in the pack is the Pack Committee Chair. They are responsible for ensuring enough qualified adult volunteers are in place to provide the program. They lead the pack committee meetings.

Sample pack organization charts

Pages 192 and 193 in the in-person CUB SCOUT LEADER POSITION-SPECIFIC TRAINING facilitator’s guide, 515-215, ©2020 Boy Scouts of America, 2020 Printing, show the Cubmaster under the Pack Committee Chair.

Extracts from the facilitator’s guide page 36:

Every pack is required to have a pack committee. At a minimum, a pack
committee has a committee chair, treasurer, and secretary. Successful
packs actively recruit as many parents as possible to serve on the pack
committee. …

The Cubmaster, any assistant Cubmasters, and den leaders or other
representatives of each Cub Scout den also serve on the committee.
Their inclusion ensures excellent communication and planning between
all leaders and committee members.

Basic leader training

In the Cubmaster and Pack Committee Chair 2019 (CS 19) online basic leader position-specific training, printed 3 Aug 2020, the “Pack Structure” (SCO_463) is listed as part of the basic leader training for both the Cubmaster and the Pack Committee Chair

References and resources

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  • 2018 Cub Scouts Leader Guide - Topics include, but are not limited to: an introduction to the Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scouting, administration and organization of Cub Scouting, rank advancement requirements, program planning and professional training, activity planning, and inclusion of helpful forms and applications.

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