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Cub Scout Advancement Issue

I have a scout that transferred from another pack to ours. He is listed in our Pack, Bear Den 1, after earning the Wolf rank. When I pull his account, it shows that he is in Lion Den 1. When I go to the lion den, he is not there. When I access Bear Den 1, he appears. Upon clicking his name, and advancement, it shows me that his Lion Rank completion is 0% - that is all it shows me. He registered for scouts in 2018, and I have a rank advancement for him from Bobcat (2018), and Tiger (2019), and Wolf (2020). I cannot see his progress as a bear, or anything prior to that, and neither can his parents. We can see his actual beltloops, but only on the overview page for him. None of our other scouts are having this issue and they were all advanced at the same time. When I select the “?” under advancements it, tells me that his profile will be updated when he moves into BSA. For everyone else, it says the next rank. I’m at a complete loss and his parents are frustrated. Is anyone able to give me guidance on how to correct this error. Our local council shows that he is active in our pack, but I can see in scoutbook that he is still in “Lion Den Pack __ active scouts” with the other pack. Please advise!

What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

His BSA number is 136487329

If you go to the Scout’s Membership page, it looks like he has a current Membership in a Lion den with the other pack.

If you click on the Lion den membership, you should be able to add a Date Ended.

Thank you so much! That was a much simpler fix than what I anticipated. You are amazing!

Glad I could help! :sunglasses:

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