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Cub Scout Incomplete Requirements

I have tried to use Report Build Manager multiple ways to show which scouts are missing each sub detail of each requirement and elective. I also have a son in Boy Scouts which they have an “Incomplete Merit Badge” and shows the percentage of how much they are earned and then also gives the details of what part of merit badge they are missing. The cub scout side doesn’t have that under the Report option, how can I go about this as very time-consuming at the end of the year trying to figure out which part scouts need and giving it to the parents in nice format instead of writing on a piece of paper? This report should give parents control of running it on their own as well to see how far their scout is with their rank.
Does anyone have any thoughts?

In the Report Builder, you will want to check off a subset of Scouts, and then the Rank and any or All Adventures applicable to them.

Then in the settings list, also check off:

  • Show Requirement Descriptions
  • Show Adventure Requirements

“Show % Complete” and “Show Dates” might also be useful.

I find it’s best to run a report for each Den. There are just too many Ranks/Adventures for it to make sense if you try to run a Pack level report.

As for Parents, you can run the same report for each Scout. But I think it’s probably easier to just train them to use Scoutbook. Everything is already there… completions, remainders, percentages and all.

Another alternative is the “Cub Scout History Report” which you can find on an individual Cub Scout’s page. This lists the dates for all possible Rank requirements, along with some other stats, though it doesn’t include adventure requirements. It’s a pretty cool report, and something that could be given to AOLs when they crossover as a nice log.

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