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I realize no one on this forum can do anything about this but wanted others to know.

When I went to the Scout Shop today I found out they are sold out of some of the Cub Scout Leader Guides. I was told they will no longer be getting them back in as they have all gone the route of an ebook version. I did take a look at Scoutshop.org as well, specifically for the Tiger Guide, and it is not available. The ebook is available for the same cost as the paper version.

While I have nothing against this ebook format personally for myself, giving a new leader a physical leader guide was very helpful and appreciated. We are already volunteering this just makes being a leader more cumbersome.

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I think you can get them free in the Den Leader Experience

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I know a Scouter who does not have a smartphone or a computer. There are also areas in the United States of America and its territories that do not have internet or cellphone network access. Shifting to eBooks only limits where units can be established.


Edition Identification

I need some help in creating a library catalog and bibliography for Cub Scouting guides and handbooks. I am looking for the ebook copyright and other information:

  • Author (if not BSA)
  • Title
  • BSA number
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Copyright (©) information
  • Printing date
  • Pages
  • Stock keeping unit (SKU)

The title is on the title (or cover page). Where the rest (except SKU and pages) is located can vary. Usually it is on the back of the title page. I have also seen it at the end of the table of contents. Pages is the number of book pages, which may be smaller than the pages in the ebook file.

Some bound boosk may have more then one book in them and more than one set of copyright information under the same SKU (usually found on the outside of back cover)

For example the hardbound version of the 2018 CS leader book was:

Cub scout leader book
ISBN 978-0-8395-0119-0
©2018 Boy Scouts of America
2018 Printing
168 pages
SKU 646725

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