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Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award req. 3k

For requirement #3k on the outdoor activity award for the cub scouts it says to participate in an outdoor sporting event. I was wondering if it would count if the scouts played a game of touch football with his brothers in their front yard. I’m thinking about accepting it because of the whole quarantine and social distancing situation that might be the best that can be done in this situation. Thoughts?


it is Cubs - Motto “Do your Best” - so if Scout/parents feel that was done then yes


That’s what I was thinking. As I told the dad I want to give each of his scouts credit for what they’ve done at home during the quarantine.

I think it would count all the time, not just during quarantine.


I agree with @jacobfetzer - I would have accepted that LAST year. It says activities with the Socut’s family count.

There are really three elements to the award:

  1. Summer camp of some sort
  2. Earning the adventure
  3. Spending time outside doing a variety of things

They give you a huge list of things you can do outside from which to choose. Satisfying this third element should rarely be a problem for most Scouts.

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So are you saying you wouldn’t during Covid?

@JeremyPenner - Not at all. I’m saying that lowering the standard of what should be acceptable on account of the pandemic isn’t needed for a family activity to satisfy the requirement. It meets the requirement with or without COVID-19.

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Remember, the standard is you can waive requirements if you feel they made their individual best possible effort towards completion and never get there.

This example is well above that standard

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