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Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

One of the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award requirements is to “Attend Cub Scout day camp”, but our cub scout day camp was canceled for our district that we are signed up for. Should scouts that attend “Family Fun Fest” count if a scout attends as a replacement? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Virtual camping is allowed for rank advancement so I would say the virtual Family Fun Fest can be used as the day camp for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

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What is the guidance for completing the Outdoor Activity Award and Summertime Pack Award?

Packs and dens should do their best to meet the intent of the awards. If a required activity (such as day camp or resident camp) is not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, packs can utilize an alternative option of their choosing. Units should continue to follow any restrictions outlined by their state and local health departments or other local officials regarding gatherings, etc.


My plan was/is to waive it for any scout who didn’t have a camp they could go to. We didn’t have a virtual day camp

The said, I’m not going to waive it for everyone. Our bear and webelos camps were held

For a family that pulled out of camp I wasn’t about to second guess the decision, but you don’t earn an award for quitting something you don’t do but could.

Our summer program was only two months, I did count that for the summertime award.

The official standard in the advancement guideline gives units the ability to waive requirements for cub scouts where the leaders feel the best possible effort was made toward completion

If the Scout does all the other requirements, goes outside a lot and there wasn’t a summer camp to go to, sign them off.

With all the restrictions on gathering sizes this is the lamest scout summer for group events.
We allow grace, if you make it to the hikes or outdoor event planned fantastic. You could always accept a photo from the parent of the cub doing a scouting activity with their family on a hike or starting a campfire in the yard or working on an rank level elective…remember its still a DO YOUR BEST program.

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Our district day camp was shut down. Our council resident camp was shut down. The resident camp of another nearby council which we also planned to attend (because two camps are better then one) was also shut down.

We’re giving Scouts credit for any virtual camp or camp in a box in which they participated. There were ample opportunities all across the country. We gave families lots of information on the dozens of virtual camps that were being run.


I have dug into the “Attend Camp” requirement for the Outdoor Activity Award before as to what qualifies and gotten feedback from multiple levels up through National Staff. The fundamental intent is to give the Cub Scout the “Camp Experience”. It is preferred to have that experience be a week of Day Camp or Week/Weekend of Resident Camp, but the formal points are: a programmed camp with an opening, closing, and scheduled programmed activities run by Camping School trained staff. This can be done at a day event, or even a virtual event, but I would really try to make sure the event hits all the marks and has the true camp flavor. This is an award, not a rank requirement, so while it is nice to earn over the summer as a program year starter there is still plenty of time to try and find events that meet the intent of the requirements. The quote below is I belive the basis for the requirement:

“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”

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Does the WOSM Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) camp attendance count for this award?

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