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Cub scout parent unable to change email


A parent in my Pack had their email listed incorrectly. The council corrected it and she can log in however she can’t change her email. She says when she logs in the email appears correct but then the emails all revert back to the incorrect one, thus she never gets emails. She needs to have communication with the Pack. Please help!


If you post the parent’s BSA ID and/or Scoutbook UserID (both visible on the parent’s profile page in Scoutbook), the folks from SUAC may be able to look into it. Please don’t post the name or email address unless SUAC requests it, which they might do over a private message channel.

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The parent’s BSA ID# 136949944 I just checked SB and her email is still mispelled.

@ElaineJorda - so if she goes to her account then edit profile, she is unable to change the email that is there? Also, one of the SUAC folks will respond here when it is corrected or further information is needed.

There is both a user name and an email address. I see a gmail address for the username and a yahoo address for the email address. Which is correct?

The yahoo BUT yahoo is misspelled. The 2nd letter is supposed to be an, ‘A’.

Yes when she goes in she cannot edit it.

@ElaineJorda - you mean MA instead of ME?

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@ElaineJorda this is fixed + a few other issues I saw

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Yes! That is correct!

Oh thank you!!! She will be sooo happy! It has been like this since her son was a Tiger! :woman_facepalming:t2:

that is cause the email was attached to the son’s Scoutbook account

Oh! Thanks again!!! :pray:

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