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Cub Scout Program and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Can you help me, please?

I am not a volunteer den leader or cubmaster,

  1. When did Cub Scouting requirements last change?
  2. Is the Cub Scouting program reviewed and updated annually?
  3. When is the next Cub Scouting program change planned to be done?
  4. Which Cub Scouting requirements have a cultural or DEI adventure or activity?

Leader DEI training


Created 2021-10-04. Version 2021-10-09-A

The last big change was 2015 when it was overhauled. There were some tweaks in 2016. Since then, preview adventures were added as a way to test interest in some subjects. The protect yourself rules adventure was made any option in place of cyber chip. Several adventures will be discontinued in May 2022. We haven’t heard if or when additional changes will be made.

The building a Better World adventure stands out as there are requirements that involve learning about other parts of the world.

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