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Cub Scout Trailer

Do any cub packs have a trailer to store their camping items in or do you just borrow the boys trailer?

I do not know of a pack that Has much camping stuff other than a stove or 2. Around here it is families bringing their own stuff or borrowing from a troop.


Trailers can be a big headache with insurance, registration, storage, etc. if you have pretty good access to borrow one from a troop, that seems like a better option.

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We have one. It’s not as big as a troops but our charter org gave it to us years ago. We have a pavilion shelter and our cooking equipment. Along with some spare tents and sleeping bags.

We have one for our pack. We have some pack cooking equipment, field games, flags, tables and popup canopies in it. We have it stored at a parent’s house (a safe location).

Our Methodist Church has two Packs (both family packs) and three Troops (two B and one G) all of which are very active camping units. Each of the units has a single axle, closed trailer which is obviously property of the CO. Each unit pays upkeep for its trailer and reimburses the CO for the insurance expense incurred. Note that when in use the towing vehicle insurance extends to the trailer. Storing pieces of unit equipment of any kind at a member’s home or personal facility makes it difficult to keep up with. In the past this has created problems with equipment inventory. There is not room for storage of either equipment or the trailers on church property.