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Cub Scoutbook-Parent view different than leader view?

I am a Webelos leader. I have been told that Parents can only see the Webelos rank activities, until their boy completes them, they can not view Arrow of Light activities during this time. Is this true? I regularly accomplish Web and AOL activities throughout the year, going back and forth, depending on planning particulars. I didn’t know parents can’t view both, as I can.

Parents can see all awards and advancement for a Webelos Scout. What you have been told is incorrect.

Thanks for this response. I wish I could see their view.

You can add a second parent to your kids, either a spouse or another account for you.

Great idea! Thanks! I’ll ask a parent for temp access.

If you have a second e-mail address, you can create a second account for yourself. I would give this new account a different name to distinguish it from your primary account. You can make it a parent to your Scout and give it the same parent / non-leader permissions that your would give other parents.

Thanks all, this is a good recommendation.

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