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Cub Scouting Programs - position conflicts in database?

Cub Scouts v.s. Cub Scouting 2019

Looking at last year’s trained leader data I am seeing inconsistencies (e,g Lion Guide, den leaders, program names). Anyone have ideas about how cub scouting program leaders are now suppose to be registered?

BLT=Basic Leader Training (position or role specific “trained” badge) requirements

Program Position Total Count BLT NO BLT YES
Cub Scouting Asst. Den Leader 3 1 2
Cub Scouting Chartered Organization Rep. 9 7 2
Cub Scouting Committee Chairman 9 5 4
Cub Scouting Committee Member 17 13 4
Cub Scouting Cubmaster 8 2 6
Cub Scouting Den Leader 12 8 4
Cub Scouting New Member Coordinator 5 5
Cub Scouting Pack Trainer 2 2
Cub Scouts Asst. Den Leader 1 1
Cub Scouts Den Leader 11 6 5
LDS Cub Scouting Chartered Organization Rep. 1 1
LDS Cub Scouting Committee Chairman 1 1
LDS Cub Scouting Committee Member 2 2
LDS Cub Scouting Cubmaster 1 1
LDS Webelos Assistant Webelos Leader 1 1
LDS Webelos Webelos Leader 1 1
Lions Lion Guide 1 1
Webelos Webelos Leader 2 1 1

What is BLT? (Need more characters)

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato sandwich :grinning:


Yup…that is the BLT

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Basic Leader Training, no? Although I do like a good MLT, where the mutton is nice and lean…

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I would assume BLT means:

“Basic Leader Trained” yes / no

“Lion Guide” is supposed to be “Lion Den Leader” now.

Lion Den Leader (formerly known as Lion Guide)
Tiger Den Leader
Den Leader (for Wolf / Bear dens)
-Assistant Den Leader (for Wolf / Bear dens)
Webelos Den Leader
-Assistant Webelos Den Leader

And it will be changing soon (1-1.5 yrs I hear) - Every DL position will be named. Lion DL, Tiger DL, Wolf DL, Bear DL, Webelos DL. Heck they might add a Bobcat DL LOL

And every leader will have the wrong title for 1/2 the year (unless recharters go back to June 1)

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Unless you update pack leader registration info with your council when the dens move up, around June 01. Then there might be fewer updates with the recharter in December.

When adults change position, their registered position info can be updated. However, when they stop volunteering, they can’t be removed. They drop off at recharter. For those folks, I move them to Unit Scouter Reserve for a few months.

Many councils require a new adult application to change position codes at any time other than recharter. For this reason, many units don’t bother until recharter time.

I thought it was “Den Leader” for Lions.

@jacobfetzer The BSA Registration Guidebook currently has:

LL - Lion Den Leader

The position code is the same (LL), but they changed the position title / description from Lion Guide to Lion Den Leader.

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