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Cub Scouts Branding Iron

Our Bear Den is going to build some bluebird boxes for the local wildlife refuge as one of our Baloo the Builder projects. They will remain unpainted but I thought it would be cool to brand the cub scout logo and our pack number into them with a hot branding iron. Internet search has produced no existing products. Anyone done this or know of a source?


Sounds like it could be a really cool idea. I’m not sure whether or not there’s a licensed source for a BSA logo branding irons, though. I tried asking my local scout shop (SoCal) when a similar question came up in another forum, and they looked at me like I was crazy.

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There used to be a FDL branding iron available in the Scout Shop but I don’t think they sell them anymore.

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You know, @ZacharyMagnusson, you might try reaching out to merit badge counselors for Leatherworking in your area. They may have/know of a source for branding irons, since that’s sometimes a design component in leather work.

Your council will have a list, and they may even have a searchable one online. In theory it’s in Scoutbook, but unless you are also a troop leader, you can’t display the list in Scoutbook, I believe.

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Pretty sure that branding Cub Scouts violates the GTSS.

… oh, you mean branding the bird houses… nvm


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