Cubmaster finds my name searching Scoutbook with wrong ID

Unable to receive permission to add Cubs to my Den because the invitations never arrive due to the fact that the account he is sending to has a different member id. Please Help!

@JeffreyGrimes do you know the other MID?

@JeffreyGrimes I do not understand what you are trying to do?

You appear to be a Webelos Den Leader in Scoutbook, but you seem to be missing the Den Admin role for the den.

Try having a Pack Admin go to the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook, click on your name, and add the Den Admin role for you. They shouldn’t need to do any searching, because you are already on the pack roster.

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My current one:


You are 100% correct! That fixed the problem. Thank you!!! Still don’t know why he’s seeing a phantom number.

That is a Youth member - he must be searching by “Jeff”

There is no other Jeff Grimes in our Pack. Is this searching nationwide or greater?

What use is a search in a unit? It used to not look for Youth in those situations we are trying to figure it out

You lost me. All I know is that he looked me up and got the right name, but with a different member id. Not sure why I don’t show up in his search.

Cause search is broken

The short answer to why you don’t show up is you are already in the unit. Search doesn’t return someone already in the unit because you can easily just click their name to modify their positions.

Therefore, search returns people not currently in the unit.

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