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Cubmaster has 2 BSA accounts

Our Cubmaster has 2 BSA accounts 135695586 & 131141521. How do I tell which is primary? I need to get them combined as well.

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@DennisHellon think you typed the numbers wrong - one of those is not a BSA #

How can I find out what BSA numbers are associated to someone? The 586 number is associated to our CM on our unit roster as one of our Cubs parents. Our CM used to be on our leaders roster. Some how he was removed and when I attempted to add him with the 586 number again SB stated there was no name associated with that number. When I searched by just his email address it found the 521 number which I assumed was a BSA number.

not sure what happened but should be fixed by this evening

ok thank you. myself and my treasurer have been trying to fix a number of issues today so we appreciate all the help the SUAC’s have been able to provide us.

I need to combine two accounts as well. Can this be self service?
|USER ID|1683229|
|USER ID|8830431|


Unfortunately there is no self-service option. I will look into your issue.


This is fixed. The user should log in with his my.scouting.org ID and password. The ID is his e-mail address.

Would someone mind merging the following two parent accounts for me please?

BSA # 12849354
User ID - 11945503

Missing BSA Number
User ID - 9157720


I will look into this.


This is fixed. The adult should log in to Scoutbook using his my.scouting.org ID which is 11

Thank you so much! I just want to confirm his ID is the number 11?

@LaurenDilles His username for my.scouting and Scoutbook is:


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