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Cubmaster Training

The Cubmaster training has a button to enroll. But nothing is happening or there are no buttons to click to begin course.

@AdamHadbavny - if you cycle back does it show the three sections of training on your plan.

No….it shows the different leader options. Then I click start for cub master and it reshows the cub master icon and progress bar…but nothing to start progressing through course

@AdamHadbavny - if you click on My Learning (it is one of the three options - Home, Catalog, My Learing) does it list any of the modules ?

Actually, I started taking other courses based on “My training” and progress started to be shown for the cubmaster. Pretty confusing because it isn’t streamlined from the cubmaster portion. Don’t know if that is what you meant by modules. Thanks for looking into it!

@AdamHadbavny - glad that you are able to proceed. Each one is a training module and part of the overall training.

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