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Cubscouts moving to another location

Hello, I have a few scouts that are moving to another state. Do I enter the membership end date or is this done when they register at another pack.

What I did for scouts who left our unit was to provide the family with a PDF of their Individual Advancement report, as well as the Cub Scout History Report. I removed all but admin and parent connections to the scouts, but left their membership “active” so I could assist with getting the family started with their new pack, if they needed assistance. Once the membership in the new unit started, I ended the one in our unit.

Since they are transferring into another council, the scout will receive a new BSA ID in that council (councils do not share blocks of BSA IDs). I would make sure that the parents understand that they should put the scout’s existing BSA ID from their record onto the new scout application, and mark that they are a transfer. Use the same name (including middle initials, etc) as is shown in the Scoutbook profile in an effort to minimize the chance of creating a whole new Scoutbook account.

In the same vein, for the parent listed on the youth application, try to use the same name as it shows in their Scoutbook account, use the same email address, and include any BSA ID that shows in their Scoutbook account. That is about as much as can be done to minimize the chances of the parent ending up with an “extra” Scoutbook account after the transfer.

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One way to have the scout’s account move with them:

  1. Once the scout family has chosen the new-to-them unit to join, the parent can move the scout’s account to the unit by going to the scout’s membership tab, ending the old unit [if still open], and starting a membership in the new unit. A unit admin will need to approve this membership.
  2. Update the scout account contact information with the new address and council/district details.
    1.Update all attached parent/guardian accounts.
  3. Submit a paper application, marked as a transfer, to the new council, with all details matching the SB account of both scout and parent.
  4. When the My.Scouting sync to SB happens, it should match to the scout and update the scout’s BSA Member ID. Ditto for parents if a Lion or Tiger Adult Partner.

If desired, the scout and/or parents can track their multiple MIDs by creating a My.Scouting account and using Manage Member ID. This will require them to use their My.Scouting login with SB.

To answer your specific question, if the parent is comfortable with using Scoutbook, you may end the scout’s membership in your unit when they leave, because the parent can do everything that needs to be done when they choose a new unit.

In the future, things may change. A scout’s registration is paid through the end of the calendar year. Maybe BSA will invent a different category of membership for scouts that are still registered, but not active in a unit. This could allow a scout to be removed from a SB roster, but still be shown as registered.

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