Custom Event Type

Wasn’t sure where to put this if it’s an existing feature or if it would be a new feature. Is there a way to add custom event types in the calendar area?

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there is “Other” but if you are asking about adding your own named event type - no there is not at this time

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Ah yea, that is what I am asking, thank you. Should I make a topic in feature requests or is this something that is already on the books to be done at some point?

I think there is a back story for it - but something like that for a calendar is not simple and would have a very low priority

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Right on, that make sense… would it be silly to ask for getting a couple added then since custom would be super complex? Like it was be handy to have something thats closer to service project or something to do with those kinds of events that are community based give back type things? Sorry I’m trying to articulate what I mean but can’t think of a word for it.

I know there is “other” like you mentioned previously, and thats probably what we’ll use, but figured I’d ask this one last thing :slight_smile:

The Calendar is being reworked now - so not sure what they are doing totally

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At the risk of sounding anti-progress… “Oh, no! I finally figured out how to use it reliably…” :wink:


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