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Customer Support?

Scoutbook Customer Support sends you to the Scouting Forum. How do you actually contact Customer Support with issues? There is nothing intuitive on the Scoutbook website.

What is your role in Cub Scouting (adult leader, parent)? Depending on your issue, we might be able to help.

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As of 09/01/2020 there was a shift in support structure. All users are encouraged to try and find the help they need in the forums first, and the Scoutbook User Advisory Council members (all volunteer) are pretty awesome at getting people sorted out. If your issue cant be solved in the Forums it will then have to be routed through your Council as that is now the path for higher level support.

I hope that helps explain things a bit more.

Thank you very much for the quick response. Unfortunately, I am not certain the coordination chain for this has been communicated very well. There has been no notification to those with Scoutbook Pack Administrators.

It would be great if Scoutbook had Help Desk Information for each Council. I do not know who to contact at Last Frontier Council for Scoutbook problems, and certain they will have to reach out to address my concern anyway (I have 2 links for my son on my dashboard, but when one is selected it goes to a boy in a different den in the Pack).

Thank you.

You might contact the Registrar for your council. Our Registrar has received some documentation on Scoutbook support issues.

@EricPatton1 that is probably an easy fix - go to your son’s profile page and look at the URL > Look for ScoutUserID=XXXXXX - Copy that Number - then look at your My Connections > If you see your son listed twice look for the one that has the above UserID= in the URL link that is the one you want to keep > then go to the otherone and uncheck the Parent box if it is checked

@EricPatton1if the above does not work I would have a unit admin end your connection to the other scout and establish a new one if needed

@EricPatton1 I sent you a private message. Please check your avatar in the upper right.

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