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Cyber Chip Problem

Good Evening,
I am planning out our Den Schedule for the fall. I am having some problems with the following Tiger cyberchip requirement:

(3) Play the Router’s Birthday Surprise Interactive Adventure, and print the completion certificate to give to your den leader. (

The link now redirects to another thing that is “coming soon”. So with the “do not add, do not take away” rules. What am I supposed to do?

Do I just skip Cyber Chip and do the “Protect yourself” adventure instead?

2019-07-15: I am able to connect and play the first video at Router’s Birthday Surprise Interactive Adventure using the link on the BSA Cyber Chip Requirements for Grades 1-3 page using the Microsoft EDGE browser.

The En Español link goes to the BSA Los grados 1-3 page. If you click on the Router’s Birthday Surprise Interactive Adventure link on that page instead of loading a player, it take you to the video library, I think my browser is set to English so clicking on the Router’s Birthday Surprise Interactive Adventure image ran the first video in English. To get the Spanish version you may need to have your browser set to Español before accessing the video library. Trying to change the language setting using the EN or SP buttons in the library heading returned a 404 page not found error.

If you follow Bill W’s directions and go through the BSA’s Cyber Chip page, you can get to the online interactive adventure. Afterwards, they can click on “Download Print Materials” to print their certificate. Or e-mail it to you. Cub Scouts “do their best”.

Awesome. Link through scoutbook is what I was using. Bookmarked it. Thank you

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