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Cyber Chip Requirement - Router's Birthday Surprise

Good Day All. I’m working with my Bear on his Cyber Chip. Wr are attempting to do the Interactive game ‘Router’s Birthday Surprise.’ It doesn’t seem to exist anymore. In its place is one called “Cloud Chaos.” Can anyone help me find the proper game?

If you link through scoutbook adventures, it should take you to the video. Here is a link to what we used: https://youtu.be/QoWNF0V-MF8

It isn’t what I would call interactive, but my Tiger was responding as if he was there and interacting with someone by answering questions and stuff.

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It used to be an interactive adventure, but now it’s just a video. The link @AmyKraemer posted is fine. You can also use one of the following links:


Netsmartz videos for elementary grades (scroll down until you get to Router’s Birthday Surprise)

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Awesome! Thank You, All! That’s all we were finding was the video also. Be Well. Merry Christmas.

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