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Cyber Chip "Teachable Recipes"

Can anyone explain how the Teachable Recipes are supposed to be used? The requirement reads “As an individual or with your den, use the Teachable Recipes to demonstrate Internet safety rules to your den leader, den, or pack.” We have a cyber chip night planned, as we did last year when they were Bears. There are four “recipes”, only two of which really even make sense to me, and we have a dozen kids who need to earn their cyber chip. I can see how they could all use the two decent recipes as a jumping off point to DISCUSS Internet safety rules, but DEMONSTRATE sounds like they’re supposed to be presenting the recipes and explaining them.
I’m not sure how to have 3-6 kids share a single short recipe.

I found that just as vague as you did. In my case, I had only one scout at the time, so all I did was read the “recipes” and discuss the lesson he was supposed to learn from them. That’s the one that demonstrates strength in numbers by breaking a single spaghetti noodle vs. a whole bunch, right? I had him try that so he could get the object lesson, but for the most part, “demonstrating” the rules wasn’t a thing we could do. So we just “did our best” with the weird instructions and moved on.

I really don’t enjoy the teachable recipes. I find them wasteful and not particularly effective. We skipped it and had them do Protect Yourself this year, since it can optionally be used in place of the Cyber Chip instead of as an elective. The only tricky part is that it can only be used once and needs to be marked as completion of the Cyber Chip instead of under the adventure (and then you need to remember it and make sure the parents understand and don’t input that they did Protect Yourself). I hope that Protect Yourself just becomes a replacement for both Cyber Chip and the pamphlet in the future, without the elective option!

We modified the “spaghetti” teachable recipe when we did it with the den to use thin sticks in lieu of spaghetti, to avoid the food waste. The broken sticks were used later in a campfire.

We did something different with the “cookies” recipe as well where it was just a bag of salt vs a bag of sugar, both labeled as sugar, instead of wasting all of the other ingredients. We discussed what we thought might happen if someone was depending on the label when cooking and didn’t verify that it was correct, in the context of “news” or rumors passed via social media, depending on what someone’s online handle was without verifying who it actually is… The concepts addressed were the same, and we generally felt like it was a better use of resources.


It has been stated that the intention is for it to replace Cyber Chip permanently at some point in the future. It has never been mentioned a replacement for the pamphlet exercises.

We considered doing Protect Yourself instead of Cyber Chip, but since it seems that 5th graders will have to do the Cyber Chip (no option to substitute Protect Yourself) when they cross over to be eligible for Scout rank, figured we’d stick with Cyber Chip for this year.

It would make so much more sense to combine it all into one “Protect Yourself” item, and just include some discussion time during the watching of the videos. A lot of parents have trouble initiating the conversations, and the videos are a natural lead-in. Not to mention the fact that the things in the pamphlet are covered more than the things in the Cyber Chip. It would be nice to be chasing people down about just one thing instead of two!

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