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Cyber Chip vs Protect Yourself entering data in Scoutbook

Currently a cub has the option of earning or recharging their Cyber Chip requirement OR earning the Preview Adventure Protect Yourself for the appropriate rank. If your scout elects to earn the adventure how is it entered in scoutbook to reflect the completion of the requirement? And why does the cyber chip section show completion when in fact it is expired? This is confusing my parents. They are crediting their cub with earning their rank and do not understand why I will not approve when scoutbook says the cub has completed the requirements. I explain, but we all think the program is presenting confusing information.

The developers are working on an update to correct all of that. Watch the change log forums for an update.


I had the same question. I’m glad to see that it’s in the works!

So that my scout could rank up. Right or wrong…I just marked that they earned the cyberchip since it’s equivalent.

You do not have to mark the Cyber Chip as completed, if it was not. You can just mark the overall rank as completed by clicking on the checkbox next to Percent Completed and add the date earned / completed.


Either way, I recommend that you put the fact that the preview adventure was used in lieu of Cyber Chip in both the rank notes and in the adventure notes. That way, if someone later starts asking how rank was completed, you have a record.


You absolutely will want to go back and fix the entry.

It will count the never earned cyber chip for future years (resets 3rd to 4th grade) and some parent might be confused and not complete the requirement that year

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